Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Making a Great First Impression in the Real Estate Game

First impressions are of paramount importance in real estate, especially when you are selling or hosting open houses for companies such as Coldwell Banker, Century 21 or Keller Williams which are prestigious names in the business. The signage is the first thing that buyers will see, and this will be what attracts them or deters them from your property.  Any one of these reputable names on a sign could get a buyers foot in the door, so displaying signs properly and in myriad places is vital.

By customizing signs with your company logo and agent names and even pictures, you are saying that you are not just another generic boring property with a boring for sale sign slapped on the lawn. You are telling them that you are part of a coherent company with stringent guidelines and standards that will get them the best deals on high quality properties. You want your buyers to know that you’re offering a one of a kind home that will be perfect for them, and when you use some of your advertising budget on quality signs, you let them know at a glance that you think the property is worth the expenditures. Real estate agents that use the same signs a hundred times till they are tarnished and outdated are sending the wrong message. If you want to attract prosperous prospective buyers, like attracts like, and you will get back what you put into your marketing.

Utilizing for sale and open house signs that are clean correctly positioned, that feature eye catching colors and graphics tailored to specific homes are far more likely to intrigue and entice the right type of clientele. The question isn’t whether to have a sign in the yard, it’s plain and simple good advertising to do so, and it is whether that sign is going to bring about a flood of calls. Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker and Century 21 are filled with agents that know the advantages of good signage for selling homes and hosting open houses. If you want to read more about “Century 21 Real Estate Best Signs” and “keller williams for sale best signs” then please visit our site.


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